herefordshire Intensive Driving Course

Intensive courses are a superb way to pass your driving test.  If you already have some driving experience, we should be able to get you to test standard with just a weeks training.  Intensive driving courses are ideal for people who:

     Want to pass their test quickly and have time available
     Would usually have already passed their theory
     Prefer to pay for their lessons all in one go
     Would usually have some driving experience

To get started we recommend you take an assessment lesson with one of our instructors before starting your intensive course.  During your assessment, your instructor will help you get an idea of how many hours you will need in order to pass your test. 

Taking an intensive course (sometime called fast pass or crash course) just before your driving test will massively improve your chances of passing first time. Other students prefer to use our crash courses as way of starting their driving lessons and then to continue normal lessons until they are test ready.

Our driving school specialises in intensive courses, so we don't charge more per hour for intensive courses than our usual lessons.

Local and Residential Intensive Driving Courses

Your training will be mostly around your local test centre and is for four hours per day (five days a week). We include short breaks which will help you stay alert and give you a chance to discuss your progress with your instructor. We can meet you from anywhere in Herefordshire.

If you are from outside of Herefordshire we will arrange accommodation for you at a local bed and breakfast set in very pleasant surroundings.

Depending on where you live, we may also be able to offer your intensive course in an automatic car, please contact us if you would like more details.

MOCK TEST Included!

All intensive courses, include a free *mock test, which will help fully prepare you for the real thing.  A mock test will really help you learn what to expect from your driving test and increase your confidence when it comes to the actual test.  

The mock test are taken with a different instructor than you will have taken your intensive with, and also includes additional post-test training. The test begins at the area of the test centre with an eyesight, theory certificate and license check.  After answering the vehicle safety check questions, you will follow one of the DSA test routes for 40 minutes with the instructor/examiner.  The test will include two of the test manoeuvres.

 At the end of the test we will debrief you on how things went, followed by some remedial training covering any areas that you may have been unsure of during the test.   

*Please note that the mock-test will only be available if your instructor feels that you are at or very close to test standard.



Summary of Intensive Courses

  • These prices are for our standard 20 hour course, but we can also arrange 30 and 40 hour courses.

  • 2 Hours Assessment Lesson    £42    (Optional)
    20 Hours Intensive Course        £420   (1:1 Training)
  • 20 Hours Residential Course     £600   (1:1 Training)

  • *A deposit will be required 2 weeks prior to starting the course
  • **The residential course includes 4 nights accommodation.

  • choosing a reputable school for your course

    You may see seemingly cheaper intensive driving courses advertised in the national papers and on the net.  We've had many pupils who have taken these courses and returned very disappointed with the value for money they have received and without a driving license.  Below are just some of the points and small print you should double check before booking an intensive course.   

        • Check that all training is on a 1:1 basis, what is advertised as 30 hours of training may actually turn out to be just 15 hours of driving experience as you may have to share your instructor with another pupil.

  • Be wary of schools offering unrealistically high pass rates.  If a school is promising a 90% rate, you should ask them to provide evidence to back this up. 

  • A test might be advertised as including the price of the driving test, however what isn't made clear is that If you are not ready for your test the school will not allow you to use their car for your test, and you may not be offered a refund if you do not take the test. 

  • Many instructors advertise intensive courses, but will actually only offer as many lessons as they have available to fit around their existing timetable.  This means your course will be spreadout, unorganised and not always at times that will suit you.  

  • Our courses are taught to the very highest standard, whilst also offering extremely good value and all our courses are provided on a 1:1 basis.   Our goal is to make sure all who take an intensive course with us pass first time, we are a local school with a first class reputation for excellent instruction and service.

  • Intensive courses can be a fantastic and economical way to pass your driving test, so make sure you choose a reputable school!  

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